Mt. Naira


At the northern most central point of Nidria, sits the sleeping giant. A beautiful, picture perfect natural wonder to the natives.

But Mt. Naira is the largest threat that Nidria knows.

It is unclear when she will wake from her long slumber remaining dormant for perhaps the past 500 hundred years or so. Sitting about 3 miles (14,410 feet) above sea level it looms over the heart of Nidria. Because of its large size and location an eruption from the massive volcano could wipe out much of Nidria land, sweeping down the valley and reaching as far as the Willow grove in the deep south.

Neighboring Mt. Naira is her miles and miles of cascades and foothills, closest to her base the mountain range continues spreading out across the north reaching east and west the land is in a permanent state of snowfall, forever clenched in the grasp of winter. The natives don't know a time when the grand mountain range is not covered in a thick white blanket. The further you get from the mountain the smaller the rolling mountains get, going from cascade mountains into smaller foothills along the border.

No one knows what is beyond the great mountain range as none have been able to successfully cross the dreadful passes.

Mt. Naira is a dormant but active volcano.

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