Trystle Pine


The Trystle pine consists of all surrounding forests of the Naira mountain range. These woods, like the mountains which encompass it is constantly covered in a layer of thickly packed snow toward the center. Many of the proud pine trees are brought down by the weight of the frost, their branches weighed down creating nice hiding places beneath. But it is not like this throughout the entire forest. While the heavy snowfall is known to claim this land, it should be noted that it is primarily the trees in the center affected by this type of weather.

The Trystle pine is massive, renowned for being the largest in sense of mileage covered by one expanse of woodland all falling under the same name. So the further one gets from the base of Mt. Naira, the less likely you are to find pine trees weighed with snow.

The nature of these trees aside, the forest is home to many prey and predatory animals alike, but the most prominent of those are the mountain goats, as the forest is encompassed by the foothills and surrounding mountains of Naira, these goats have found the perfect place to call home. Mountain lions may also be seen roaming these lands, along with foxes, bears, and elk.

The Trystle pine is the most diverse forest on Nidria.

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