Lake Saari


The first of the twin lakes, Saari is nestled closest to the mountains leaving it subject to freezing over in the winter months and early spring. And while it might not always be frozen, all year round it is said to have freezing cold waters. Able to send nearly anyone into a state of shock and hypothermia if they stay in the cold lake for too long.

It is notably smaller than its cousin Saani, and sits to the west of the valley which houses the two. With it's smaller size it bears a generally round conforming shape with few cuts into the heart of its icy waters. Surrounded by large pine trees of Trysle, most still covered in dustings of snow and wrapped in the comfort of the Naakima hallow.

The areas surrounding the lake may be home a wide variety of animals, and inside the lake there are many fish. Particularly trout which many animals will try to seek when the lake is not frozen, or even break holes in the frozen surface to reach the fish below.

Known for its freezing temperatures

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