Naakima Hollow


The mountains fan out, creating a bowl like valley at the base of the mountains, they stand like walls on either side. No exit but one. But Naakima is a thriving and supportive home to much life, the first real sign when coming down from the harsh mountain scape that Nidria does in fact support life, and quite well at that.

Here the land opens up, trees of the Trystle pine becoming more spread out to allow room for other plants and vegetation to flourish. Taken up by herbs, and many small animals such as mice, rabbits, deer, foxes, coyotes and many more. But the animal the Naakima hollow is renowned for are its caribou. Large herds of these great animals call the Hollow home, with plenty of space, food and water sources this valley is considered an excellent hunting ground for the natives of this land.

But along with the great herds of reindeer there comes a large threat — competition. For large grizzly bears are also known to often times call Naakima home. They pose a great danger to the wolves, and may often be competitors for food and water.

High threat of bears

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