Crow Creek Falls


To the far northeast of the territory through a narrow passage along a wall of mountains after traversing through open terrain one will start to hear the onslaught of rushing water. The crow creek falls sits nearly at the point where land ends, despite its name it is actually only one waterfall. Massive — it seems to pour down from the heavens themselves. Large slabs of stone covered in deep green moss surround the falls like walls protecting the natural wonder. The falls rain down with clear fresh mountain water into a deep pond below surrounded at the base by grey stone gravel which eventually will shift into the rich soil that feeds the land.

From the pool at the bottom the water branches off into a system of three different rivers that quickly head to the nearby sea. The surrounding territory of Crow creek is sparse, most of the large pine trees staying close to the water source and as you explore further out to the sharp drop offs to the ocean the land becomes more and more open. Ending in open grassy plains.

Although prey is hard to find here, due to the trap created by the rivers and the cliff many herbs grow close to the abundant water source. And other large competing predators find no fear in small bowl of land. Like its name might suggest, Crow creek got its name because while crows may be found all of Nidria, it is here that the first crow accepted a wolf as its partner.

Crow creek falls is Nidria's only known waterfall

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