Ka‘inalimu Bay


We move again to the opposite side of the vast expanse of Northern territory, through the passage of mountains once more to this time the North west of Nidria. The water of the ocean comes inward into a large inlet toward the land. Forcing the earth to move and curve around it creating a bowl of ocean bordered by evergreen trees and underbrush creating the perfect visage of pacific coastline. Aside from the bordering terrain the bay is an open expanse of sand, dirt and gravel. Often an overcast of grey clouds loom above the murky waters. The beach is large, reaching from near central of the northern territory out to the western side, it is what separates the snow ridden mountains from a territory that is seemingly more tame. But make no mistake, the entire west is still capable of dropping into frigid temperatures for a good portion of the year.

The beach is relatively barren, having little supporting features for prey, however is home to much sea life. Sea lions are known to call the shore their home, highly territorial animals they rarely tolerate the wolves getting anywhere near them and may attack aggressively if they feel threatened or even if they are hungry.

High winds are found most of the year, the ocean helping to bring forth the cold temperatures in biting cold drafts.

Barren & often cold.

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