The Black Forest


The forest stands true to its name, a dark dense forest covered in thick layers of fog that never seem to go away. Densely packed trees give the forest a permanent sense of darkness and confinement. The black forest is also known for being extremely quiet and still, lacking the life of its neighboring territories. Sitting high atop the curling cliffs which wrap around the bay, the woods expand all the way to the end of the curled point.

And like its name might suggest it is renowned in Nidria for being a place of heavy magickal properties, it is a place magick users prefer to visit when performing rituals or magick of heavy impact. Drawing from the forests energy to fuel their will. It is said that deep in the heart of these woods where the ocean can be seen through the trees stands an old altar belonging to some of the first affinity users Nidria has known.

And so it is a sacred, and highly regarded forest.

Heavy fog never goes away, a place of high magick

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