Blackwater River


Nestled in every forest comes a quiet stream, one of crisp waters and a refreshing breeze casted off the top of each rock. The Blackwater river is made of each of these streams, cutting through the rocks of Nidria came a waterway with an underfoot of obsidian rock, pulling water from each scource in the land from the north to east and trailing to southern Nidria. Starting from the snow covered northern face of Nidria the waters give the illusion of darkness, mirroring the mineral underneath and bringing forth a stream of ink soaked velvet.

The waters that gush through the largest part of blackwater are ice cold to the touch, coming directly from the northern mountain ranges it is a risk to swim in such waters, strong rapids are another call for harm for one could be easily dragged down under the rushing surface by the rivers strong current. Over time blackwater’s force had been enough to move large stones and carve out small ponds, water spilling over the sides of the bank into shallow pools, warmed by the sun overtime are shallow enough and fit for swimming. One must only be careful to avoid going too far past the banks of the river.

If one wishes to cross the river the must only follow the flowers that bloom where the waters are slow enough to allow the flowers to grow through the cracks in raised obsidian ores. Tall water lilies coated in a charcoal dress lead safe paths through the river where rocks just up to form stepping stones, hidden to the eye.

Largest river on Nidria

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