Mara Wash


The Mara Wash is a nestled area in the central territory, a land of bountiful prey and damp fertile underbrush that make for a fruitful growth of herbs in the area, from the ever beautiful sage to the tasty tang of rosemary. The Mara experiences many instances of rainfall throughout the year, the grass always incased in gentle morning dew and the two streams that cascade through the fertile land ever-flowing.

Visiting however does come with its risks, the wash is home to a slew of apex predators including coyotes, bears, foxes, and a wide variety of wild cats both big and small. Given the near-constant rainfall, the area is at risk for flash flooding! Some spots of the marsh's mud are able to encase an animals paw, be careful to watch your step or you may find yourself sinking where you stand!

At risk for flash floods & sink holes

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