Red Gate Woods


Nestled against the Giant’s Forest comes its smaller sister, the Redgate Wood. A forest forever trapped in the beauty of Autumn, pale birch trees cloaked in shimmering leaves of reds and golds, below them hidden away in the vegetation are small apple trees forever harboring crisp fruits, a wolf may watch an apple blossom and transform before their eyes into a plump crimson adult. Humming with whitetail deer and other smaller prey items the forest is home to a slew of predators as well, though they are no threat to a wolf of hefty size.

Slipping along in all his might the Blackwater River runs through the Redgate, an arm of the bellowing beast cradles the eternal fall in crisp water to nourish its wildlife separating the land from coyote meadows, a wolf may safely sip from the crisp waters after a long days hunting, relaxing underneath the golden landscape as they feed upon their meals and laugh amongst their loved ones.

Redgate is in an eternal autumn, and is known to harbor magick apple trees

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