Northport Beach


Like its name suggests this is the northern half of the beach, it comes with incredible sights to see, while the ground is as you would expect with deep grey sand. The shore and even out into the water are large boulders of jutted rock scattered throughout the ocean and beach alike. As though giants had catapulted them into the water, they are seemingly out of place, they don't quite belong. Many of these large structures of stone even have pine trees growing atop them, proving their time spent in their place.

The sky here is often seen in gloomy overcast, with an aggressive tide crashing violently against the large slabs of rock and earth. And on most days it also carries a heavy fog, making visibility minimal when it's present. As if this incredible place couldn't get anymore dangerous, lurking beneath the raging waves sharks await prey to step into their watery grave. Many of them tend to stay close to shore, hoping someone will decide to go for a swim or get caught up in the tides.

Often windy and overcast

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