Black Rock Beach


Southeast of Stillwater Cave, many beach dwelling species call Black Rock Beach their home. Gulls, seals, turtles, crabs, clams, fish and insects are among the many prey inhabitants, while predators include mostly sea lions on the sand, orcas, and even the occasional shark within the waters. The landscape is strewn with large stone slabs of varying shades of black, giving the beach its namesake. These plates dip down nearly seamlessly to meld into the water of the ocean, but can be incredibly difficult to traverse as they are always wet and slippery. Algae tends to grow on their surfaces, only adding insult to injury. The tides also add to the fearsome notoriety of this beach, their tumultuous waves quick to engulf and drown anyone that makes the mistake of falling in.

The occasional straggler may claim to see ghosts on this beach due to the high death rate caused by the slippery rocks and ever churning waters.

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