Fox Point


From black rock beach a small expanse of sharp jutting stone continues out toward the raging waters. It provides no true land, just large slabs of rock and stone conforming into somewhat of a platform that a wolf can make their way out onto with enough balance and precision. But it is not to be tread upon without caution, these small pieces of hard rock are often times covered in salty sea water and slime from moss that grows on them and seaweed that washes up onto the surface.

Sharp uneven edges alongside the slippery foundation can make it dangerous for even the best of climbers and should one slip into the violent waters below the only way out is to swim all the way back to the shore of black rock. There is no hope of grabbing onto any kind of ledge of fox point that would offer enough leverage to lift oneself back up. And you best be a good swimmer in order to fight the tide and make it back around the other side. To not be swept up by crashing waves.

Due to this land mass being so small, there is never prey found here, considered a barren point to an already sparsely populated beach.

Slippery & often soaked with sea water.

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