Stillwater Cave


Southeast of Northport Beach, Stillwater Cave is quite lacking in prey, but is never empty. The loud barks of sea lions is always an ever present background noise. They come here to breed and birth their pups, hunting in the deep waters far beyond the shore. Their pups may be enticing to hunt, but the aggression of mother sea lions is enough to keep predators away - especially when they collect in large numbers. On this beach stands a large singular cave well known for its dark depth.

The opening is wide, spanning at least forty feet across, if not more. The frontmost part of the inside is flattened, especially nearest to the entrance, but begins to curve downward at a gentle slope for a few good miles into the ground. It does not lead to any tunnels, but instead to a dead end, though it could take a few hours to reach it. The top of the outside of the cave makes for a good look-out but can be difficult to climb in order to get to the top.

Beware the queens that defend their youth and the kings that watch over them with vigilant eyes

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