Cherry Blossom Plantation


At the crossroads from the North to the East lies the rich Cherry Blossom Plantation. The magic of Nidria runs strong through the groves, keeping the flowers in eternal bloom year round. The tightly packed trees resemble a pink ocean from the Coyote Meadows to the West or the Sunflower Orchard to the East. When the wind rolls through the blossoms it carries their sweet scent on for miles. It is a beautiful sight to behold. But beneath this beauty lies peril. The blossoms scent can be intoxicating, sometimes creating a euphoria for those who linger too long or make it their home. For this reason, many lovers enjoy the plantation to enhance their experience, embracing the siren song of the plantation. Scattered throughout the plantation, the rare white blossoms are much more potent, and are considered an omen of love and happiness should one make a wish while standing in its presence.

Some have said to be driven mad, getting lost in the tightly packed foliage, becoming manic and never wanting to leave. Others make pilgrimages here to try and connect with the deep magic that courses through the area. Still, others pay it no mind, simply travelling along one of the few well-worn paths that connect this hub of the land to points in all directions.

Intoxicating, euphoric flowers

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