Sunflower Orchard


The sun never sets on the Sunflower Orchard a small, mystical plain that rests between three distinct forests, the Cherry Blossom Orchard higher to the West, and below to Oak Tree Basin to the East and the Weeping Willow Grove to the South. The sunflowers blanket the entire region, growing over 20 feet tall and are said to cleanse the maladies and impurities of those saunter among the stalks. On the rare occasion when rain graces the orchard with its presence, the flowers turn and face each other, protecting their faces to preserve their pollen, and rumor has it that for those lucky enough to kiss as it happens, they are bonded for eternity.

But travelers need by wary, because rumor also has it that insects the size of pups help pollinate the flowers. But for those brave enough (and stealthy enough) to find one of their hives, they will find the finest, purest honey in Nidria, said to have magical properties of its own.

The sun always shines here

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