Logwood Pond


Just south of Oak tree basin lies a rather large pond wrapped in a few of the old oaks as if they stand against its back in defense. It stretches still over the bare landscape becoming home to a number of insects, birds and even some species of fish. Providing prey and predator alike a watering hole, a place of sanctity and perhaps promise of the coming days — for water is life. But plentiful can also mean dangerous, the vast number of prey animals that come for a drink means that many large predators also regularly visit the area in search of a meal. Bears of both kind can be found lurking the grounds, along with smaller predators such as bobcats, coyotes & more.

Thanks to the abundance of water, Logwood is also known to be a breeding ground for certain herbs, ones that particularly enjoy the excess stagnant moisture.

A simple pond, thriving with all walks of life

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