The Floating Islands


Shrouded in fog off the rocky edges of Nidria's coastline lay one of it's most prized spectacles. Five islands are clustered together, hovering in the air far above the ocean only bound to one another by thick vines that stretch over the dangerous tide below. While the islands do link each other together, there is no way to reach them without wings, sitting too far off the coast even the use of elemental magick could not reach the closest island. These lands, lush with forests & herbs, are also dangerous. Rocks and cliffs make up the majority of the terrain, ragged and uneven ground that juts and drops without warning. Large pillars of stone stand as tall as trees among the clouds.

The moisture on the islands is high with their elevation, constantly surrounded by fog and clouds they are even known for their mysterious streams which cut through the land. Small waterfalls pouring off the edges into the ocean beneath them.

Currently the only way to get to the islands is by flight

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