Thatcher Woods


Upon reaching the other side of the land bridge, the Ravine path, the forest opens up into a much brighter but still densely packed woodland. This is one of the edges of Nidria's territory, butting up against land that is unknown to the natives. The world beyond Thatcher starts rolling into high rocky foothills which no native has thought to surpass to discover what's on the other side. Thatcher woods is a relatively small chunk of land sitting high above sea level it tends to be permanently shrouded in a state of orange and gold as if the sun is always setting here.

The forest, while pine like much of Nidria consists of primarily western white pine trees, which grow tall and slender upon the rocky face of this land. With elevation & dense forest Thatcher woods is a land that's said to be consumed by mountain lions, a home to these dangerous big cats.

Lots of cougars

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