Weeping Willow Grove


The willow grove shares its territory with the bordering sanctuary of the wisteria, overlooking the thinner end of the halfmoon marsh's waters. The trees within this grove have overtaken the area well, fed on a rich supply of water from the marsh the willow trees have grown in size, out-competing most other forms of flora within the vicinity. In fall the leaves that hang over one's head will start to turn various shades of yellow and orange, but the leaves will remain upon the tree until it begins to turn cold, thus falling from it while the trees slumber, remaining dormant until Spring, again, comes.

Many animals frequent the grove to gnaw at the tree's hanging leaves though because of the resiliency of it, the nibbling doesn't cause much harm, if any at all, upon the willows; white-tailed deer are a recurring offender of this practice, but moose and elk have also been seen to have a taste for the easy-to-reach leaves. The wildlife varies from porcupine to rabbits which eat the seeds, to beavers which come from the halfmoon marsh to nibble on the tender twigs of the willow as well, to even various forms of bugs such as caterpillars and bees.

Renowned for the beautiful willows

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