Wisteria Sanctuary


To the east of the weeping willow and south of long wood pond borders the Wisteria Sanctuary, a peaceful landscape that curls around the weeping willow grove while from the other side it overlooks the open end of the halfmoon marsh's waters. It is a peaceful land bathed in the plentiful overhanging flowers of the Chinese wisteria tree, some as old as time, if not older, their boughs holding thousands upon thousands of purple flowers which bud every season without delay in mid to late Spring. In winter, the flowers wither and fall off and the grove becomes reminiscent of a graveyard of trees with gnarled, twisting branches more visibly seen when the flowers are all gone.

Warm breezes dance through the hanging flowers, causing them to appear to dance and sway with the wind and the branches are thin yet sturdy enough for one to climb on from low set trunks and thicker boughs that branch out from the middle of the tree, spiraling outwards. Because of the nature of these trees they are nearly impossible to find when every bud is blooming and one can seemingly get lost within the labyrinth of greens and purples. Despite the beauty of these flowers, however, Wisteria is highly toxic if ingested, though they may make good ingredients for poison.

Be mindful for wisteria flowers are toxic

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