Halfmoon Marsh


Home to the largest population of alligators in Nidria, the marsh tends to be where they breed, fight, live, and have their young for three out of the four seasons of the year. The marsh itself is considered wetlands, and frequently floods out to cover a large area, sometimes even encroaching onto the banks of the willow grove, giving the trees there much of their water when it does. The wildlife here shares itself between the whooping crane pond and the marsh, and similar animals will reside within the marshes, such as cranes or muskrats. Beavers have their dams and contribute to most other forms of flooding within the marsh, a tricky prey item for a wolf as they stay nearest to their makeshift dens within the water, disappearing beneath the surface of the marsh and into the depths to avoid confrontation from wolf and alligator alike.

The alligators feast on the fish here which come from Halali'i Lake, as well as any various rodents they manage to catch. Likewise they will feast on birds, the random deer, and even wolves unlucky enough to wander too close to those ravenous mouths; they will eat practically anything if it comes their way, and aren't shy about stalking their food either. The marsh itself, being extremely wet, tends to be hard to walk in, muddy earth trapping the unexpected foot. Majority of the time, it remains flooded out, though on occasion it may recede back allowing for a few small "islands" to be occupied by the weary traveler. In winter, the marsh will freeze over, and the alligators will turn to hibernation, disappearing as they prepare for their long slumber, and one may perhaps walk freely along without too much worry.

Home to the highest alligator population on Nidria

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