Whooping Crane Pond


Like its namesake, the whooping crane pond is named after its avid populace of whooping cranes which live and reside within the deep marsh territory that surrounds the pond, as well as the pond itself. They raise their young in the dense water vegetation and hunt closer to the outer rim of the pond, though they are not shy from entering deeper waters to avoid predators, such as the alligators which linger in the shadowy shallows of the marsh waters. Various species of fish, frogs, turtles and crayfish make up the marine life in the pond alongside muskrats, raccoons, and opossums which come by to snag a bite or two of the local fish population, or to see if they can snatch an egg from an untended to nest nearby.

Greater blue herons can also be seen here, sharing the territory alongside the cranes, though they are elusive and tend to keep to themselves, fleeing at first sight of a wolf. Regularly, when the halfmoon marsh floods, so too does the pond, though by Summer it'll have dried out causing the water level to recede. In winter the pond will likely freeze and the tall grasses will turn yellow and die back, the alligators will dig themselves a hole within the edge of the pond in the dense marsh areas to hibernate and wait for spring to return.

This could be a highlight area to catch eyes and attention.

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