Rivens Backwater


One, singular river runs through the backwater which connects the halfmoon marsh with ephraim swamp, and no current moves this part of the entire river along, leaving a still and oddly eerie silence along the water. The land on either side is solid, however, and one may walk across the river's edge, admiring their reflection in the stillness of the water as they pass by it; though to stay for too long would cause severe symptoms of toxicity, as the vibrant blue of the Backwater is caused by a highly toxic blue-green algae, a bacteria which releases nerve and liver toxins as it blooms.

The clicking voice of a band of otters can be heard along the quiet of the river as they catch crabs to feast on them, the soft clack of rock against carapace as tiny fingers work to break open the shell. Turtles wander the shallows while kingfishers and cormorants fish from the safety of the edge and for the most part, life is peaceful in Rivens Backwater, rarely visited by alligators or caiman. Being the only other place within the south to garner snowfall, it is light, and barely covers the majority of the area in soft, blissful snow; the river itself is known to freeze over, though the edges tend to stay clear of any sign of freezing. The backwater overlooks the willow grove and the wisteria sanctuary, easily seen from the edge of the backwater's territory from across the halfmoon marsh waters.

The water harbors deadly blue-green algae

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