Ephraim Swamp


The furthest land from everything else within the South, Ephraim swamp is a large area with sparse trees and various interlocking rivers which run throughout it. While it is home to some alligators, it is mainly caiman who reside here while the alligators stay closer to the mainlands. Unlike the marsh, the swamp does not flood out as much and most of it can be traversed if one is careful enough; it houses various water thriving birds and many frog species, as well as insects such as mosquitoes which love to feast on the local wildlife there, and the occasional wolf here and there, swarms often becoming a problem for one within the Summer as they flock together around dusk time in the afternoon. Some venomous species of snakes also thrive here, such as the black swamp snake, though the majority will seldom bite and tend to stay away from others unless provoked. Others, such as the copperhead and cottonmouth, tend to stay camouflaged and hidden, often resulting in unnecessary interaction between wolf and snake, which can lead to fatal bites.

In the Winter the swamp will semi-freeze with a thin sheet of ice over the water, and snowstorms happen from time to time as they travel from the mainland and across the water, causing the swamp to be covered in a light blanket of white in Winter, leaving it harder to travel along as one misstep and a wolf may end up sinking into the freezing waters below the thin ice.

Home to venomous snakes

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