Welcome to the Athenaeum!

This is a library upon Solanacaea where players may roleplay out past events to explore relationships & character history. There are only a few rules here!

1. Threads may NOT be in a different universe or timeline. They MAY however be in a different land (ie; outsiders history before arriving on Nidria)

2. Time and place! At the beginning of each thread in Athenaeum we ask that you write the time (year or age of your characters at the time) & location (outside land or board in Nidria) at the top of the starting post.

3. No FUTURE events! Only past events may be roleplayed out here.

4. No dream roleplays, things that happen in the Athenaeum are real events that happened in the past!

5. Please post ONLY using your character accounts, no OOC accounts here

6. As always, have fun guys! <3

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one heartbeat less, the silence is deafening Sol Nidri 2 replies 350 views 08-19-2020, 02:18 AM last post by Aulë

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