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11 y/o large Male
Xenon, Female Wood stork
Locked and loaded, where the hell is peace of mind?

The demon against his chest left him in his shame—the fellow’s hearing now clear as fresh spring water, and his mind dumped with the aftermath of trashed thoughts and scorched walls. His head fell into a tilt as the winged woman spoke. Brows furrowed into a deep arch; his mouth was ajar but nothing brushed off his tongue. Really, he was at a loss for words.

As his mind finally had something written in ink, his company has announced her departure. The words were crumbled up and thrown out the window with the beast huffing a sigh. The steam of his breath brushed over his face again, prompting him to rise onto all fours. Turning a nervous shiver into a hearty shake of his coat, Juryoku mustered up his own meek smile. “Farewell, Sonja.”

He braced himself as the woman took off toward the sky. There was a hint of envy on his face; his crimson eyes staring longingly at the skies. “It’s brave of you to think such a thing,” he, at last, uttered now that the dame was long gone. With Xenon hopping off and skipping her way homeward in encouraging her companion to follow along, Juryoku would simply snort before pulling his gaze from the heavens.

There is nothing of this world we should care to find.



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