[P]  Chasing the Tides


0.5 y/o small Female
© Lyca
It was very quiet. The only sounds being the crashing of waves and the sound of the churning ocean. The sky was an overcast grey despite it being well into the day. A slight chill in the air was the only remnant of the winter season. She’d been told that the new season was called Spring. A foreign concept to Areiya. She’d been born in the dead of winter: all she knew was bitter cold and snowfall. The warm, humid air made her skin feel too hot under her fur and it felt like the air itself was suffocating her (an exaggeration of the child’s mind perhaps). The weather right now was nothing short of terrible. 

The white pup wrinkled her nose, her eyes squinting against the wind. She curled her talons into the sand below her before lifting her paw to examine it. Sand… She wasn’t sure how much she liked that either: it felt nice and cold to sink her paws into but it also caked nastily between her toes. Her pale blue gaze returned to the huge pond before her… Though it wasn’t a pond. Too big. She couldn’t even see the end of it. She thought venturing forwards at a trot to where the water rose and receded. She stopped short and let the water wash over her front paws. Water that was salty and smelled like fish carcasses. Areiya turned towards the wolf that was her new guardian: not her mother or father. Just a guardian.

She didn’t dwell on it for long and instead bounded over to the wolf encased in fire. It still caught her off guard a little, still growing used to seeing the woman cloaked in flame. “Pyri!” she called, her little wings flapping as if trying to get the others attention. Before another word could leave her maw the wind caught under the child's wings and sent her tripping and then falling onto the wet sand.


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