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4 y/o medium Female
Morgan, Female Fruit bat

"Eris..." Her head twisting she spotted the frame of the green female, Eileithyia. Ears lifting she got up slowly, the muscles in her legs spasming and aching from her run. Walking over to her she stretched and held her legs out as she walked, feeling the throbbing pain recede."Well what brings you out here?" Standing before her she felt a light throbbing start in her paws, ears flicking back as she hummed away the aches. Last she had seen this woman was when she had been watching the stars, cerulean orbs locked on the bird that was beside her, a smooth dip of her head to acknowledge the familiar. Turning her attention back to her she gave a false smile. Better to appear as a friend, Morgan shifted forward on her shoulders a yawn visbile.

She also looked around, not seeing the male that had been with them last time. To her the earth female seemed troubled, taking note of this the star woman sat down and tilted her head to the side as if she was asking her to speak up. Her eyes studied the female, seeing the way she held herself. A part of her wondered what brought her here by her lonesome, yet a darker part whispered for her to pounce and wrap shadows around her. With a bored blink she leaned back and sighed, this was going to be interesting.

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