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4 y/o medium Female
Morgan, Female Fruit bat

Pumping her legs she puffed out warm breaths, her long legs carried her swiftly as she ran through the sloping limbs of the willows. Her legs were flashing beneath her as she panted, her head bobbing as she wound her way through the constant green. Flying by her head was Morgan, the bat drifting towards her ears. Giving her gently nips, ear flicking as she grinned. Picking up speed she ran further through the grove, sliding to a stop she was breathing hard her tongue twitching between her teeth as she looked around. "We need to do more runs more often." her eyes shifted up to Morgan.

Nodding she landed on her back, also out of breath, they had been running since dawn. Already her blood had warmed through her body, sensing the same in Eris. Lowering her muzzle, Eris ran her tongue over her stockings. Her tongue flashing over the tips of her claws, flexing her toes she lifted the limb and cleaned the sticky leaves from her pads. Lifting her head she yawned, her leg still raised, licking her jaw as it began to close. Dropping down onto her haunches she curled her tail as close as she can, her ears falling back. She wanted a cool breeze to blow through, but at the moment all she got was heat rolling off her worn body.

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