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6 y/o medium Female
Atarah, Female Hummingbird
" Just around the riverbend "

She couldn't help the way her mind reeled, clouded by the discovery of Isara, the small child Dhara had welcomed into their lives. It wasn't that he needed to ask her, they weren't...her ears drew back. Together or anything, but they did share a home...a life, and now she was expected to share it with a child that didn't even like her! The poor thing was afraid of her for reasons Elle couldn't wrap her head around. She didn't understand, the thoughts often making her sick to her stomach the girls green audits would draw back as she pushed wove through central Nidria deep into the south. She just...needed to be able to think. A huff pushed through dark nostrils, Atarah was hot on her tail, keeping up with the girls quick pace from their homeland. "Where are we going?" the little bird prodded, Elle sighed, only shifting a glance back to her companion before shaking her head and returning her eyes ahead of her before eventually murmuring a quiet

"I don't know..." came her soft lyrics, Atarah could feel the chaos in the girls head, and quickly quieted herself, concern only growing for her wolf. Eventually — as she pushed through the blanketing leaves that draped down from the willows a familiar face would come into view. And for once, she was relieved it wasn't Dhara, but Eris. The dark woman who's pelt was splattered with the night sky, "Eris..." Elle offered the woman a soft smile, dipping her head in greeting approaching the woman while in turn respecting her space. The pair barely knew one another, but Eris was a friendly face at least from what Elle knew of her so far.

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