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6 y/o xlarge Female
Ethio, Male Ocelot
She released another yawn as she glanced up, "Ethio, where are we going?" she asked aloud somewhat irritated. She did not like to be woken from her sleep, especially during the day. It was like waking a bear from hibernation. "Come on, hurry up!" he replied back jumping to a branch and she shook her head with a sigh. It had better be for a good reason too. 'Stop, there's someone up ahead.' Ethio's words ran through her mind and she looked ahead once more noticing a large male. "Oh, hello there." she spoke first seeing as though he was just sitting there. She began to move closer noticing that he resembled that of burning and smoldering embers. 

She looked up briefly to watch Ethio make his way down a tree to a low branch to watch. "How are you this morning?" Xena spoke again before her attention was drawn towards a female as she showed up. As if on cue, and without any control over it, as well as not even noticing Xena's shadow aura started to morph around her body. She listened as the midnight black woman spoke. "Of course not dear." she  replied with a bit of a smile as she watched the female's wings slightly curl around her form as if to protect her.

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