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There must be something fundamentally wrong with him.

Even now as he did his best not to winch too much from his wounds, he struggled mightily to not smile as Savas assessed his short comings, a strange feeling of fondness as he gazed upon the tawny brute. Because for some reason, the worse it looked the better it felt. Happiness was not a part of his system, however to know how much he disgusted Savas was as close to the feeling he might get. Because truth be told, he could give a fuck what others thought of him. He already knew he was a mess. And he'd long since stopped trying to deny it.

He Did manage a small chuckle as Savas mentioned the ass kicking, because there was nothing was more truthful. Thinking of the bloodbath that he had caused, wondering if at very last the Reaper would truly turn away from him. And refusing to process how it made him feel. He waited until he had his biggest fan's full attention, then cleared his throat with a cough for good measure.

" I managed to drag my friend Anaru into a fight she didn't deserve." this part was spoken with concern, he had no doubt she was doing just fine but things could of been handled different on his end. " I wasn't even doing it because it mattered." He wasn't sure if Savas knew her, but regardless he would eventually if she was still looking for ranks to add."  I just wanted to spite that damn Reaper." well as they say be careful what you wish for. He licked his lips in afterthought, and wondered what might happen now. At least Savas would know that his assumptions were correct, he was at the heart of it all a fool.

The truth will set you free.

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