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Everything about this stranger was graceful and delicate. He moved with a distinguished slowness, as if he might shatter all over the ground were his movements too quick. Therion found him interesting to watch, intriguing almost. He was beautiful in the same way the ghost of an estranged woman was, beautiful, haunting, and intimidating. Therion decided immediately that he did not fully trust this man, but being in his presence also couldn't be too bad, because he smelled of the equine affinity. Because of that, there was a strange kinship that Therion felt, but that bond was nearly paper-thin, and any sudden movements or actions could quickly extinguish that.

He spoke just as slowly as Therion would expect, like he had all the time in the world. He snorted at the suggestion that gluttony was a sin. "I don't believe in sins," he stated firmly, "but even if I did, I'm sure no god would approve of starving oneself for his sake." He wasn't being very nice, and he was wholly aware of that. He'd just met this man, and he was already insulting his appearance, and apparently his religion. He scolded himself for it, half-heartedly, because he didn't really care what was thought of him, but he also knew he needed to shape up his attitude, too. One of these days he would be met with fangs in response rather than words, and though he was confident in his abilities, it was always wise to avoid fights (and picking them) whenever one could.

However, it seemed like this stranger didn't want to linger on the topic of his diet, directing the conversation in Therion's direction. It seemed like enough of an invitation to linger for a while, and it was an excuse to exercise his voice a little. After spending so long traveling in isolation, with no companions to be found, it grew scratchy and rough from disuse. It was possible it might just shut off one day, and Therion wouldn't be surprised in the slightest. That hadn't happened yet, though, and he supposed as long as it worked, he might as well use it whenever the opportunity arose. He sat down on his haunches, slowly wrapped his long tail around his front legs. The soft white tuft at the end covered his paws like a fluffy blanket. "You may call me Therion," he said simply. "Who I am beyond that is currently none of your business." It didn't hurt to give a name, but anything else would have to be earned through trust, or forcefully pulled from his throat. "It's only fair that I ask you the same question."
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