Chills Of Paradise [AW]

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Sigurd Lothbrok
Ears rotated upon the males head as his yellow eyes scanned the area, he had been searching for who knows how long trying to find her. Where could she have gone? Sigurd knew that she was alive, there just was no way that she had perished when the war happened. The brute looked around still, but nothing was appearing to him. Maybe she wasnt here, but then again where else could she have gotten to. Dark navy nose twitched as the wind slightly picked up in the night, it was the best time to try to find her. After all she did glow brightly in the night time which was something he always loved about her. Massive paws sunk into the ground as he still looked around. Sigurd sighed some as he started to wish that he had gone with her when they evacuated the pups and nurses. But instead he went with the warriors, he just thought that they would be safe. Claws dug down as he began to think about everything. Now he had to find her, she was all that he had left after all. It was his duty to protect her, at least once he found her.

 His tail flicked behind him as he began to move deeper into the willows. Yellow eyes still scanning the area just in case her pink tree appeared. She was special after all, she had been born with the sacred tree upon her back. If she wasnt being taken care of properly then she would easily die. Which only made him want to find her even more, if she died then so would the life of their people in a sense. As he continued to walk his head began to sway side to side as he trecked on. Sigurd would have to eat soon, he hadnt done so in a few days but to him it was important after all he could easily just catch himself a fish or even a rabbit. Either would hold him over till he was able to find a good place to hunt. As he looked around he smiled softly as he took in the trees. They made him think of Sylvaine even more, especially since the sacred tree that was upon her back was much like the willows.

"Sylvaine, where are you?"  he asked out loud as he finally sat down beneath a willow tree. Looking up towards the sky, he could see the small buds upon the tree. Meaning spring was soon to show, giving the trees even more life. Lowering down his head he finally laid his body down for a moment. Sigurd needed to rest for a moment, at least get some of his energy back.

"Sigurd speaking,"  

in the beginning, it is always dark
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