Chills Of Paradise [AW]

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5 y/o small Female
Kaushul, Male Black cobra

"My my, what a long, sad face." Words cooed out from the trees, ember eyes studying the large male from her perch on one of the roots that had grown large enough to grow out of the ground. Claws dug in to it, causing trails of smoke to slowly rise where burn marks were etched in to its surface. The trees had been whispering of an intruder moving around in search of something. It was clear by watching from a distance that he did not know where he was going or even being watched for that matter. It made sense. Her dark coat allowed her to blend in easily with the shadows, using her control over her elements to keep the ember glows of her pelt dimmed while she tried to be stealthy. But there was no need to hide now.

Tall ears flicking, she stepped forward carefully, movements almost feline in nature as lithe frame slid from her perch to inch closer to teh stranger, careful not to come too close should he have other ideas about attacking. Breathing in the scents about him, there was nothing familiar that clung to that navy coat at all. Breathing small embers from her nose, her movements took her in a small half circle, watching him curiously. "You seem distressed. Lose something important?" Not that it truly mattered to her. From the way he searched, it seemed evident he had. And depending on what that something was, she might have an interest in locating it as well so long as it was a benefit to her.

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