Chills Of Paradise [AW]

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Sigurd Lothbrok
Navy blue ears shot back as the sound of another voice rang in his head. How could he have been so stupid to allow someone to get as close as this wolf had gotten. Did he really get so lost in his own head that made his forget everything? Yellow eyes shot to the wolf that now appeared to him. Narrowing his eues slightly as he watched the wolf move. They moved so fluidly and with stealth. Sig watched the female with careful eyes as she stood just out of reach. Well at least they had that much sense to stay close enough to be heard but far enough to where if he decided to attack they could easily get away. his claws dug into the ground as he stood there just watching the female with cold eyes. As Sigurd watched the wolf his ears still roated on his head making sure that no one else was sneaking up on him. If this wolf was a distraction to maybe another he wanted to be ready this time.

Sigurd listened to the female ask why he had such a long sad face. Yellow eyes never left the female as he stood there just staring at her. He was still very unsure where she had came from and even more what her intentions where. But it was when she said something about him being distressed and that if he had lost something important. He didnt really noticed but he had done nothing but search for his neice. Nothing matter to him other then findind her and making sure that she was safe. Who knew what was going on his her mind, she was alone in the world that didnt understand just how special she really was. "My Neice" was all that he allowed to slip from his mouth. the tail of the male flicked ever so slowly as he kept his eyes still locked onto the female.

in the beginning, it is always dark
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