Chills Of Paradise [AW]

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5 y/o small Female
Kaushul, Male Black cobra

He seemed surprised by her sudden voice, making it obvious he was distracted by something. Most would pay much closer attention to their surroundings, especially if it was in a place they did not know. From the smell of things, he did not belong here. Did he belong anywhere in Nidria? She had to wonder though she would keep the thought to herself for now. Instead she would keep these thoughts to herself for the time being. It was not very important in light of things.

Moving slowly, she stopped her pacing after a time, noting his eyes never once strayed from her. She was not foolish enough to get too close. He was significantly larger than her which could lead to trouble should he decide to attack. Tall ears simply flicked when he finally spoke, giving her the answer she searched for and the slightest smile cracked her lips, feigning a look of kindness for the time being as she dipped her head in a half nod of understanding. "Oh dear, that is something important indeed. Perhaps she is nearby. Tell me, what does she look like? What is her name? I can keep my eye out as well." Though there were no promises she would seek him out to return her should she deem this girl as something she could use to her benefit.

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