Chills Of Paradise [AW]

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Taking a deep breath he closed his eyes for a moment and then pinned his ears back for a moment. Slowly he opened up his eyes and looked at the female, showing nothing more then emptyness towards her now. How could he be so foolish to show emotions specially when there was another wolf near by. It was when she spoke about what his niece looked like and what her name was. There would be no way that he would give all that information to a strange wolf, even if she seemed friendly. Slyv was special and if anyone got ahold of her and learned that then she would be in danger. Something that he didnt want to happen.

His eyes watched the female as she moved slowly, tho she did seem to keep her distance whic was smart on her end. Ears began to flick around his head as he still kept his eyes on the female. Shoulders rolled slightly as he shifted himself just slightly, part of him wanted to telol the female just to get another set of eyes out for her. But then the other part was screaming at him to keep it a secret so that she was safe. Sig took another deep breath as he took a step back. Maybe he could at least give her name and that would be enough to at least keep the lil girl safe. "Sylvaine, and she is special" his voice was rather cold as his tail flicked

Now he only hoped that Sylvaine was safe at least some where, or that someone had found her and was keeping her safe till he could find her. If that was the case then he would thank the wolf greatly and even allow them to stay around if they so wished. After all if they took care of her and she bonded with them he wouldnt take that away. But he soon went back to paying attention to the female that was before him. "Why are you conserning yourself with this?"


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