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After a moment something seemed to click within his mind and any of the emotion he was showing before was erased, replaced with an air of nonchalance as he watched her. Too late. She could have sneered at his foolishness if not for her own goals in mind. Instead she kept herself neutral, he body posture nonthreatening as she waited for the man to speak. She only needed to hit the right thread to get him to open up. From the way things were going, it might take a bit. Was it worth her effort?

Fortunately he surprised her by giving a name though nothing else. Still better than nothing she supposed. That was easier than expected. Sylvaine... Nothing that rang a bell but something she would remember for future reference should she ever meet anyone. Briefly she tried to memorize any noteworthy attributes this male had. If they were related there was a high possibility they might share some of the same qualities. "Of course. All children are special." Again there was a tone of kindness.

He seemed almost... distracted she noticed though he was quick to come back to his senses, making certain to keep a wary eye on her. A wise choice. He did not trust her to say the least. That was made obvious in his next question to which she would offer him a knowing smile, as if the answer should be obvious. "All women share a mother's worry over a lost child. It's only natural." Then she allowed the visage to melt away in to a touch of concern and worry, a frown pulling at her lips. "I do hope she is safe. How old is she? It is not safe for young children to be alone for too long." Perhaps she was pushing it with her questions. Still, it did not hurt to try.

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