Chills Of Paradise [AW]

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Yellow eyes narrowed at the female slightly. Now normally Sigurd rarely would be so untrusting of a female but this one was giving him such odd vibes. Ears were flicking around his head as he was always listening for others. But it was when she spoke about how all children where special. Snorting some as he shifted his body to be slightly more ready to go more defensive if he needed to be. Something told him that he would have to be very careful of his female and even more so of what he said to her. It wasnt long before she began to speak about how all women share a mothers worry over a lost child.

To sigurd that wasnt always true, there had been plently of mothers who had lost children and it didnt even bother them. He had seen many a times of children going off missing and mothers just accepting it. Maybe it was just how they where raised but either way he knew better then that. Even tho the female seemed to act as if she was worried sigurd knew better, specially if she really knew what Sylv was. It wouldnt take much for someone to easily over power Sylv and try to take the special tree from the pup. It was something that he worried about every day when he wasnt able to find her. He was careful to watch how the female acted even more so then what he had first done. Quickly the male's tail began to twitch slightly the more he grew uneasy. Tho it was when she had asked how old sylv was when he flahed his teeth slightly

"It is none of your consern" he hissed as he growled softly. Slyv may have been a young pup she was smart for her age. Almost seemed as if she were older then she really was. Just another thing that made her so special to Sigurd. Making him want to find her even more then anything. He had made the mistake of giving the female her name but that was the last time he would do such a foolish thing.


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