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Pale pink tongue licked along carmine lips, snowy fur tinged pink even after its passing. At his small paws lay a plump rabbit, fat and lazy from the abundant seeds found scattered among the drooping branches of the surrounding willows. It had been little challenge to kill the creature, Ghost was silent in all he did and the plentiful willow branches served as excellent camouflage. A quick, piercing sound stunned the rabbit and with ease the male had pounced with fangs already on display. Hunting was a concept still in need of practice for Ghost, but a clearly unsuspecting rabbit posed no issue. The ease of the kill left an uncomfortable, squeamish feeling in his belly.

Dual-hued eyes flicked down to the furry lump and ivory ears flicked back in clear distaste. The urge to move away from the kill briefly overwhelmed the small male, haunches tensed in preparation to stand, before a visible shudder chased down an arched spine and left the pup still once more. Though blood may stain his lips this was not a kill for him to consume and the thought calmed him. No, this small bounty was for his mother because surely, she would be peckish upon her return to him. Where she had exactly gone was unknown and honestly did not matter to him in the slightest. All that mattered was her imminent return and the small meal he had acquired for her.

Pink nosed twitched as a breeze once more assaulted him with the scent of blood, Ghost’s body wracked by a fine tremor. Quick movements found him rising to step upwind before settling just a foot away, fluffy ivory tail wrapped around small paws and posture one of forced relaxation. He was fine. From his new placement he could better peer between the willow branches his mother had departed from quite some time prior. That was why he had moved. The rationalization helped to prevent any further discomfort, although the snowy pup’s body was still oddly tensed. He was fine, any moment now his mother would return and all would be well.


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