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5 y/o small Female
Kaushul, Male Black cobra

The copper tang of blood filled the air, telling her someone was nearby hunting. While this area was not exactly claimed by her or anyone else, intrigue was piqued nonetheless. She was not entirely fond of the grove. It was far too moist here for her liking though it was nothing she could not deal with. It was simply a nuisance she did her best to try and ignore as she prowled forward, claws digging easily at the soft ground as a soft growl of distaste rolled from her chest. Around her the air would dance from the rising heat, the mud soon hardening beneath her paw from her fire.

Satisfied for whatever reason, she pushed onward, the ground continuing to dry up and harden with each step she took. It would make her easy to track, assuming anyone was following, but she was not concerned. It would return to normal soon enough she imagined. The environment was not so fragile that a few spots dried out here or there would cause any real harm. If it did then perhaps it was just meant to be.

Peering forward, it did not take long to spot the pale pup off in the distance, wide eyed and cowering in wait. Lying not far from him, a dead rabbit that had been recently slain. Oh? Why was he not enjoying his feast then? Very curious. "It is bad to let a meal go to waste." Stepping forward to allow herself to be more easily seen, she used this opportunity of moving closer to get a better look at him. Still young, perhaps seven or eight months. Nearly full grown but still rather young to be on his own. Were his parents nearby? "Go on." Motioning to the rabbit, she waited to see what his next move would be.

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