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The feminine voice was unexpected and the ivory pup froze, eyes wide and ears at attention. Fool. The thought was uninvited but none-the-less true. So lost within his own thoughts, Ghost had failed to extend his senses and remain alert to any incoming threats. Hopefully, it would not be a mistake he would pay dearly for. Dual-hued eyes quickly slid over to the intruder and a sharp frown tugged at pink stained lips. The female was rather pretty with her dark fur and glowing markings, but the air of rising heat that surrounded her in tandem with the footsteps that clearly placed considerable heat onto the ground made him extremely nervous. Not to mention this female was not his mother. With little else to do, the pup quickly shook his head at the woman, “It’s not going to waste, my mother will be back soon and she will eat it.”

The approach of the female caused Ghost to inhale sharply and hold it, tension running through his small body. When no further movements came, he released it all in a gusty exhale and an almost audible ‘pop’ followed the action as the bubble of silence that typically surrounded the male gave way. His heartbeat was loud in his ears, the steady thumping a warning of the headache he knew would soon follow. The bells around his ankles gave small chimes as he shifted slightly further away from the female and rabbit both, grimace on his face. “She will be back…” and then, mostly to himself, “she must come back”.

That made sense to him. Yes, she may have been gone for a few days but she had to return for him: it’s not like she could just leave him here to rot. How many days has it been? How many times have you told yourself just one more day?. That annoying, unwanted voice with its equally unwanted questions. And it was this female’s fault that it was bothering him. He had gotten it to stop days ago (he didn’t want to think about what that implied time wise), and now this stranger was making his head hurt while he tried to ignore everything this voice was making him remember. Perhaps if he could get her to leave everything would once more fall back into silence? “I’m not hungry and mother is still gone, the meat will spoil. Please, take it for yourself.” The, ’and go elsewhere’ went unsaid but the implication was obvious.


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