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Despite his young age he still seemed apprehensive of her. A wise choice though she had no intention of harming him unless he gave her reason to. Instead he answered in a way that was not convincing at all. His mother would be back soon he assured her though, from the scents that lingered, there had not been anyone besides him nearby in several days. A sense of understanding came over her though she would not say anything to argue. Instead she would allow herself to sit. "Is that so?" While she did not particularly care about hurting the feelings of a child, she saw no point in wasting energy telling him otherwise.

Still, it seemed she did not need to worry for his next words told her he did not believe his own words. He already knew the chances of anyone coming back for him was not likely at this point but he did not want to accept it. Pity was felt toward him though she would not act on it as she let her gaze slide off in to the distance, as if catching her attention or lost in thought. Perhaps giving him less attention would make him relax a little more than he was.

But even without focusing on him, he still seemed to be nervous. He was obviously uncomfortable in the way he shifted his weight around, as if he was happier to be left alone. The implications were even there as he offered the rabbit to her. The words were not said out loud but they were definitely implied and a soft chuff was made as she looked back to the boy. "I don't need your food. You are still growing. Eat." While it was not really a demand, it was a strong suggestion. She was quiet for only a moment longer before she would dare to speak again. "What is your name boy?" It would be easier than referring to him simply as child or boy.

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