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He knew his mom wouldn’t be returning for him. He had always been a burden to her, the odd one out with his magick and quickly outcast because of it. So what if he could not make armors like his brother or mix potions like his sister? He could talk to the wind and how was that not just as impressive? Instead, it had made him out to be a social leper among his entire family unit; it was no surprise that he had ended up lonely and abandoned, he supposed he was lucky to still be breathing. That was the only blessing mother had ever given him, anyone else would have just put him out of his misery as had been threatened numerous times before. He should be grateful to be rid of them, false family that they were. Perhaps that was why, when the strange female sat near him, Ghost didn’t shy away or curl his lip.

Her undirected gaze allowed him to minutely relax, some tension leaving his frame and small shudders falling still. He still wasn’t sure how he felt about her, but any wolf that that could sit through his rude manners and remain calm couldn’t be all that bad. Right? Her voice rung out again and ivory audits flicked to attention though his gaze remained directed off to the side. A small smile whispered across his lips, barely there and quickly gone, at her words. Was this what it was like to have someone even slightly concerned for your wellbeing? Perhaps not quite, but it was more than he had ever received before and it left an odd feeling in his chest. He wasn’t quite sure if he liked it or not.

He hesitantly moved towards the rabbit, head tilting in her direction once more as he she spoke. His name? He was sure that maybe he’d once had one, but for as long as he could remember he had only been referred to by rather unpleasant things and he refused to voice them as his calling. He took a nibble of the rabbit before an uncertain answer spilled from him, “…Ghost”. Another small bite before, “What’s your name? Do you live here?”. He was uncertain of this female, asking questions would surely help him to decide whether he liked her or not.


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