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Her childhood had never been too terrible growing up in all honesty. Her mother was proud and valued strength to protect those she cared about. There were many stories about her actions and large personality though there were also many stories about how her rashness led her to making decisions that were... not so wise. Father, on the other hand, was more calm and rational. He'd been raised under the ways of the warrior, learning patience and virtue. That combined with the terrifying force her grandmother was were all things that shaped her in to the woman she was now.

Slowly the tension he was holding on to seemed to ebb away as she refused to leave. Good. If he was going to give her too much grief she was planning on giving in to his wishes and moving along. She did not have time or the patience to waste on anyone, especially if she was not wanted. For now at least she would have the chance to linger in order to determine if this was worth her time at all. If he did not tell her to leave by now, chances were he was not going to at all.

After a moment he did as she instructed, moving to eat what he had killed. Good. While she was cold and uncaring for the most part, she was not completely careless. She despised useless waste if it could be helped. It was only after a moment of consideration that he answered with his name though there was no telling if it was his actual name or one he chose for himself. Either way she filed it in to her memory. Ghost. Ah, and then there was the barrage of questions for herself. "Rajani." A pause before she would go on to his second question. "Not exactly... For the time being I have no home. But I am hoping to change that soon enough. I'll be establishing a place for beings like you and I to call home. You're welcome to join me of course, once you've decided you've waited long enough for someone to return." That was all she would say on the matter.

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