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Rajani. It comforted him, this exchanging of names. Perhaps it was a return to normalcy that he so desperately needed, a reoccurring pleasantry that he could find stability in even while everything else around him rapidly changed and morphed into something unknown. Even while left for dead and facing uncertain circumstance Ghost could count on social norms to remain as they always had. It was truly pathetic, yes? Feminine voice interrupted self-deprecation, Ghost giving a small shake of his head before returning to his meal while listening to her words.

Dual-hued eyes widened in emotion, fixed away from the female as a fine tremble made way down his spine. How often had he strived for acceptance from his mother? From his family? Done all that he could for even a sliver of approval only to realize that nothing he ever did would be enough in their eyes. Simply because he was magicka. Yet, here was this stranger that he had been nothing but unkind and dismissive towards inviting him to join her as she made a home. How cruel fate could be to those at its mercy. How temperamental to then gift a second chance so easily missed and turned away.

His silence lasted but a minute before he turned to fully face Rajani, ears low and eyes searching her own for…forgiveness, he supposed. “I’m done waiting,” a small, mournful smile twisting his lips, “there was never anyone coming back anyway.” If this was to be his second chance then he would force himself to justly appreciate it by facing the truth of his situation. He was a master at hiding from himself and forgetting anything that could trouble him, but in this instance he would not forget. No, he would make sure to imprint this moment in his mind: what came before and what was occurring now. He would hold close the betrayals of his past and strive to show his appreciation for the second life granted him by Rajani. “I would like to make my home with you, please”.


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