To the Finish Line [AW]


Chieftain Breezai of Dei Gratia

8 y/o medium Male
Lynus, Male Uakari
© foxbox

Suddenly, a hare burst through the grasses in front of him. Bryker immediately scampered after it, running through the grasses with hsi tongue out and joyful determination lighting his golden eyes. The wolf kept on the hares heels, swerving and darting this way and that way as it tried to escape. His long tail was extended, giving him balance much like a cheetah. But the hare was still quick! Bryker's eyes flashed in anger when it made a particularly tricky maneuver, and he lost ground. His paws dug into the ground and pushed off, but just as he was about to give chase again he suddenly collided with something furry and solid than knocked him to the ground in a tumble of limbs and a yelp of pain as he sprawled onto his back. 

Dazed, Bryker laid on the ground. His mind tried to process what happened and how badly he was injured when he heard an equally shocked voice spurt an apology, then a sudden face hovering above him asking if he was alright. 

The male blinked and slowly. "Ana?" he asked, confused. What was she doing here? His eyes squinted up at the face, sunlight beaming down around the edges of the wolf's portrait and casting shadows in a way that made this wolf look so similar to the woman in Dei Gratia. Slowly, the shock of the impact subsided. Bryker blinked a few more times and breathed in a deep breath, his brain catching up to him and realizing that this was definitely not Ana. "I... think I can get up on my own." he said cautiously as he tenderly rolled onto his stomach. He stretched a bit, testing his muscles. It was noted that he would definitely be bruised and sore for a few days from the unexpected crash with....  who? 

As Bryker slowly stood, he gazed at the pale stranger. "Sorry- I thought you were someone else." he said to the other. "And I apologize- I wasn't really looking where I was going. I didn't mean to run into you... Are you okay?" he asked apologetically, looking the stranger over for any serious harm that might have been done. 


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