The Taste of Blood

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The lady made her way to the Obsidian Cliffs to rest after a recent hunt. With her, she carried leftovers of a pack rat she tracked down in the plateau earlier that day. She would still be hungry after this meal because she needed three meals a day and this one was only the first. Even so, she was tired from tracking such a tedious mammal in the tall grasses. She didn't even want to recall too much of it. The lady settled close to admire her kill. She did well, a reasonable size. Summer did that sort of thing, making animals plump. She wouldn't starve for too long. But the next hunt.. she hoped for better.

She started nibbling the corpse just before a scent seemed to waft it's way to her nose. She wasn't usually hostile, but she was hungry and if someone wanted her meal-despite how small it was-she would fight. "Whoever is near, show yourself" she growled and snarled. She didn't recognize the scent, nor the way the stranger seemed to approach. "Go away." She snapped and lowered her head, guarding her kill. Any stealers would suffer a missing eye or their nose torn off if they tried to take it from her in this position. Her projection went in and out, her tail curled and her ears flattened to her head, fangs bared. She was ready.

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7 y/o large Male

It was rather more treacherous terrain then he was used to.

Early afternoon proved to be lukewarm, panting slightly from the exertion as he moved along. He had been tracking her for some time now, almost certain that her lack of magical residue could mean only one thing. At most, it wouldn't hurt to start taking note of the other Mundane who ruled these lands. Because in the end, all they would really have is each other. And he was fucking damn sick of being alone.

Sure enough she was resting with her kill, a slight twinge in his stomach as he smelled the blood. But, that wasn't why he here. She reacted with hostility no surprise of course. A faint smirk, so this one was a fighter. Good. Clearing his throat, he emerged from the shadows and lingered a few feet away out of respect. No need to give the wrong impression. Lord knows he had done enough of that already. A sweeping glance, she was a rather pretty creature. If he had been inclined for the desire of females he might even be attracted to her. As it was, she would still make a good approach.

He stood in full view of her, careful to keep his stance as neutral as possible. Clearing his throat, molten orange gaze settling upon her. " Excuse me, but I believe you are Mundane as well." hoping he was right, he trailed off and let the silence take over. Still not exactly sure what he planned on doing once he reunited them all, but that was a story for a later date.

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Ithena watched with caution as a dirty white Male exposed himself to her. The first thing she noticed was his size. He was bigger than her. Next thing, his eyes were molten. They reminded her of lava like that of a volcano, ember. She kept keen pink orbs on the Male as he kept his distance from her and her kill. That was nice of him. She relaxed a bit but her ears remained plastered to her ear and her tail raised. Despite her own size, she didn't want to appear weak to him. 

She blinked at his question. "I am." She replied. "Why do you ask?" She narrowed her eyes at him. Maybe he wasn't so hostile after all. He didn't come with hostility. What could he want with her and her standing on religion. Strange question to ask during a first meet. In fact, she also found it rude. She sat down. "Of course, I didn't think Introductions on peaceful grounds started with interrogations." She chuckled, trying to lighten the mood. "My name is Ithena. And you are...?" Her projections had eased but the lady still felt a sense of uneasiness. There was something about this brute that she didn't like.


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